Apple & Oat Crumble

Oat & Apple Crumble

Oats contain beta-glucans, a soluble fibre that slows down the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. This slower digestion prevents dramatic spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels that could encourage our bodies to store fat.¬†Oats are also a rich source of magnesium, which is key co-factor needed for energy production, and also helps to relax blood vessels and regulate blood pressure. Apples are also a great source of fibre with one large apple supplying almost 30 percent of the minimum amount of fibre that should be consumed daily. Most of this fibre is soluble and is known as ‘pectin’ which is also effective in lowering cholesterol levels.¬†This recipe is a take on the traditional crumble recipe, but is gluten free – and much tastier! It takes only 15 minutes to make and wont leave you feeling heavy and sleepy once eaten!

  • 1kg cooking apples – chopped with skins on
  • 200ml water
  • 1tbsp cinnamon
  • 150g steel cut oats
  • 80g goats butter
  • 3tbsp raw honey
  • 50g sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Chop the cooking apple into small cubes (including the skin – its full of fibre) and place in a pan with 200ml of water and cinnamon and look at a low/medium heat for 10 minutes
  • In a separate bowl melt the butter and honey – once melted add the oats and sunflower seeds and mix well
  • Once the apple has cooked and cooled a little, pour into an ovenproof dish
  • Pour the oat mixture on top and press down firmly
  • Cook at 180 deg. for 20 minutes
  • Eat warm with yoghurt
  • Include 150g of rasberries, blueberries or blackberries into the apple mix for an extra antioxidant hit
  • Try adding chopped nuts into the crumble mix – walnuts, almonds, pecans etc.