Functional Testing

Functional Testing:

testingI use private, functional testing frequently within nutritional therapy. I do not diagnose and instead seek to understand how your body is functioning currently so that we can work towards correcting imbalances in order to move you toward functioning optimally. The functional tests that I use are developed and processed by accredited laboratories, which have extensive research to prove each tests validity, reliability, sensitivity and specificity.

Usually I use the initial consultation to evaluate which (if any) private testing will be most relevant to you, and whether such a test will significantly aid our progress. If however, you are particularly interested in a completing a certain test please let me know and we can discuss this.

Areas of Assessment:

  • Digestive health: Assessing digestion and absorption of nutrients, beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria, bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), parasites, H. Pylori infection, yeast, inflammation, intestinal permeability (leaky gut), pH, blood, stomach acid, Coeliac’s disease, non-Coeliac’s gluten sensitivity, food intolerance, histamine intolerance, gut immunity and more.
  • Hormonal Health: Assessing all sex hormones to gain an understanding of fertility, menopausal symptoms, PMS, endometriosis, PCOS and other hormonal imbalances.
  • Thyroid health: Comprehensive screens to assess the causes of thyroid dysfunctions, measuring the hormones TSH, T4, fT4, T3, fT3, reverse T3, T3 uptake, iodine status, thyroid auto-antibodies and supporting markers.
  • Nutritional health: Assessing status of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and oxidative stress.
  • Adrenal Health: Assessing cortisol, DHEA and sIgA balance to establish degree of adrenal activity.
  • Functional blood markers: Assessing patterns in routine bloods to establish areas of imbalance that require further investigation.
  • Heavy metal analysis: Identifying heavy metal toxicity can explain many unexplained symptoms/ conditions and provide a targeted intervention protocol.

These are the main tests that I use. However, there are many more available. Please also be aware that the cost of each test kit varies greatly, but this will be discussed with you prior to ordering any tests.